Week 8 - This is Not a Drill

That's right folks...she is pregnant for sure.  We went to the Dr and were able to see the embryo for the first time AND hear the heart beat.  Although the embryo is only like 1.5 cm long, it has a heart beat.  CRAZY.  Tammie is starting to get sick these days.  This is not a is for real.

Week 12 - At Mt Hood

We are currently in week 12.  According to our book, the fetus, formerly known as the embryo, is about the size of an apple.  The first trimester is almost over and Tammie is feeling better most of the time but she is still not up to 100%. 

    This past week we went on vacation to Mt. Hood. Due to the pregnancy, Tammie wasn't up for hiking.  It rained most of the time so we stayed in our cabin and played many games, some of which we made up.  Here are the records.  Speed Scrabble:  Coby 2  Tammie 1   Saduko Challenge: Coby 2  Tammie 1   Rummikub:  Final Score Tammie 8 Coby -8  Scrabble:  Tammie 216  Coby 214   Yatzee: Coby 3 Tammie 2    Boggle:  Tammie 123  Coby 107. 

    At the end of the week Tammie had her third Dr.'s appointment.  We heard the heart beat which was pretty intense.  With a big smile on her face, Tammie said, "It's still there!"  The doctor said everything seems normal.  We will find out the sex in a month or so. 

    In spite of the rain, we had a great week at the cabin.  The back of the house was about 50 yards from a little river.  Because of the rain, the temperature stayed in the high 50's to high 60's so we kept a fire burning in the fire place much of the time.  That's it for now.  Catch you on the flip side.

Could it be?

Although Frodo is a boy and although he has had "the surgery" we think he may also be pregnant.