We're giving birth to a two year old

Tammie and I have decided that we want Quinn to be born as a two year old.  Think about all of the money we'd save on diapers.  Although this dream may not be fulfilled, these days it feels like we've been waiting two years (and Tammie probably feels like she has a two year old in her belly).  Quinn was officially due last Saturday (Feb. 2).  He decided he likes it in there I guess.  If he doesn't come by Thursday at midnight we will be forced to go the inducing route. 

These days Tammie's mom is in town helping out around the house, Tammie is working part-time, and I'm working and going to school.  The bags are packed, the pictures are hung, the stuffed animals are...positioned and now we must just wait.  Though I can't wait to have my own child use the restroom on me, I am enjoying these last few days with Tammie.  We've watched a lot of LOST on DVD and played a lot of video games. 

If I have time I'll post some pictures from Christmas at Mt. Hood with the Miller clan (that was an incredible day) as well as pictures of the belly (both Tammie's and frodo's).

We miss you guys.

Christmas 2007

Quinn's first bowling party