Week 20 - And We Will Call Him GQ

First, let me apologize for not posting anything in a little over a month.  We've been a bit busy.  Anyway, Tammie and I finally found out the sex of the baby.  "It" is a "he" and his name will be Quinn.  His full name will be Guy Quinn Cagle.  To my knowledge, he will be the fifth Guy Cagle in a row and the first Quinn.  With a name like Quinn he is going to be a really good football player or a philosopher or both. 

When we were in the hospital getting the ultra sound he moved so much that we had to stay for around an hour and a half.  At one point they tilted Tammie so that her feet were higher than her head.  The goal was to get Quinn to float towards her upper body.  Well, when he felt the tilting motion he decided to dig in deeper towards her waist.  In reality he's moving around a lot because I've got him on a strict work out schedule.  He works out one muscle group a day and only rests on Sundays.  He complained a bit at first but I think he's getting used to the workouts.  Last week alone he shaved a tenth of a second off of his 40 time.

Let's recap...he moves a lot and he is a bit hard headed...that's my boy.


Week 25 - Quinn the Kicker

My buddy and I were talking the other day and we decided that we were going to start training our sons to be kickers/punters as soon as they are born.  Think about it, on try out day there are always a dozen quarterbacks, and a half a dozen running backs and line backers.  But how many sign up to be the kicker?  Yes, he may be made fun of until he's 14 but then, when he makes varsity as a freshman and he kicks the winning 50 yard field goal who will be laughing then?  Practice begins in 3.5 months.  All are welcome to attend.

This has been a crazy few weeks.   After feeling some pains in her belly, Tammie went into the hospital so they could monitor everything.  They said the baby was fine and that she just needed to rest (among other things).  Now, a week later, she feels so good that I think she may go run a marathon...or we'll at least watch a King of the Hill marathon. 

The Portland days are getting shorter, wetter, and a colder.  School is getting more intense and I can't ever seem to remember what week we are in.  I think it's 25 but it may be 26.  Quinn is moving around a lot these days.  He tends to be most active around 10:00pm.  Tammie said every once in a while he punches with both hands at the same time.  He usually hits both of her hips.  He is just doing a little form tackling practice (even kickers need to know how to tackle).