Weel 15 - The Belly Emerges

We are in our 15th week and Tammie is definitely showing.  The fetus is about the size of a softball.  The eyes and the ears are continuing to get situated and he/she may even already be sucking his/her thumb.  Tammie goes to the doctor on Friday for our monthly checkup.  I won't be able to join her because I'll be camping with my kids.  Things are going well.  She is eating again and working out again.  She is pretty excited about maternity clothes.  They are so stylish these days.  We find out the sex of the child in about three weeks.  Can't wait.

We bought Frodo a fat boy leash today.  I think it makes him feel self conscious.  He keeps trying to eat it.   You're gonna make it little buddy.

Week 18 - at the beach

So...I guess I will first admit that I don't really know what week these pictures are from.  I think it was about two weeks ago.  Tammie wasn't feeling very well so we skipped work and went to the beach.  Don't worry, we rigged up a phone message system and told everybody that she was going to donate her eyes to science just like in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.  So, we spent a good four hours at the beach.  I did a little bouldering, Tammie read, and Frodo did what he does fat.