Updated 7/29/07

Registry Stores

Hi everybody.  Tammie and I have started the registry process.  Thus far we have only registered at Babies R Us.  Click  HERE to be fowarded to the website.  Once there, type in CAGLE, TAMMIE, OR in the appropriate spots to see our items. 

If you are purchasing from a city other than Portland, there are three ways to "get us the goods." 
                                                A)    Call the Tigard Babies R Us (503-670-7539) and purchase from them                                                               (must have item number and a credit card).   They will notify us and we                                                           would then pick up the item from the store.
                                                B)    Purchase online and have it shipped to our house (email me and I'll send                                                        you our address). 
                                                C)    Purchase it from your local store and mail it to us.